The Bureau of Home Office Reclamation

Before there was a separate building, the back bedroom of the house was my office. Now the separate building has been repurposed, it's time to reclaim the home office space.

And by reclaim, I mean purge. Purge, purge, and purge some more.

The old office space has been a catchall for everything under the sun: extra clothes, extra shoes, extra furniture, extra fabric, extra tools, extra wood - extra everything. The space is brimming with all the stuffs, floor to ceiling. Opening the door and staring at it all is so overwhelming I immediately feel defeated and seek chocolate therapy.

After a year of chocolate and no headway on the excess, I decided to face the worst and tackle that dreadful space. Knowing how awful it will be, I'm looking for a dose of courage and commitment by becoming a guest participant in the upcoming One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home, beginning October, 2016.

What is the One Room Challenge? Interior designers and guest blogger participants have just 5 weeks to plan, source, and transform a room, then reveal the outcome to the whole wide world on week six. Each week before the final reveal is a "progress" post, complete with tears, sweat, and photos. I anticipate a lot of tears.

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