Painting With Dinosaurs

After the spectacular fail of refabbing the Swingline #27 in glossy white, courtesy of Rustoleum, I decided to tempt fate again by performing a much simpler magic trick of painting toy dinosaurs in gold, courtesy of Dollar Tree.

Yes, spray painting dinosaurs in gold is a 'thing.' I may be late to the party, but it's still a thing, and I have a thing for dinosaurs. I also have gold spray paint left over from my Swingline fail. The best part of this endeavor is it only requires two things: gold spray paint and toy dinosaurs. Doubtful even Stevie Wonder could screw up such a simple art project. It promises nothing but instant gratification, and who doesn't like that? My creative ego needs a small success today.

I corraled my small herd of toy dinosaurs, and headed to the back deck where I do most of my spray painting, weather permitting. In less than two minutes, my first two dinos were worthy of Goldfinger status.

I have to say, as much as I cursed (and continue to curse) the white Rustoleum 2X paint for decimating the Swingline #27 stapler paint job, I prefer the color and finish of Rustoleum Metallic Gold to Krylon. It's richer, shinier, and smoother than Krylon's version. It's makes for much nicer dinosaurs, insofar as gold spray painted dinosaurs are concerned.

After turning over to paint their naked underbellies to match, I may have spent a total of 15 minutes from the first coat, the drying time in between, to glorious finish.

Yes, I prop things up for spray painting against an old motorcycle tire. I got the tire originally to protect a young forsythia from an overzealous weedeater, but ended up building a box planter instead. Also, the back deck is so old and dry, I figure whatever extra paint over the wood can't hurt. The area is also protected from wind and direct sunlight, so it works well for outdoor spray painting.

Until I really dive in the office makeover in October, the dinos will be free ranging on the entertainment console under the livingroom television.

Who else has a velociraptor to guard their Blu-ray?

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